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Nov 07 2018

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The ONE Ecom

  • GB Name : The ONE Ecom
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : Ecommerce Entrepreneur Course
  • GB Price : $1997
  • GB Cost : 100$/20 Peoples + 8$ Fee
  • GB Joined : 10/20 Peoples
  • GB Status : Going
  • Homepage : SalePage

This course is designed to unlock the gateway for you to become the Best Ecommerce Entrepreneur possible. Period. There's no fluff, only proven results. The ONE Ecom is perfectly Engineered for Success because it brings together with the right 'chemical agents' that will allow you to absolutely dominate the game and finally be able to see the business from a point of full control.

Forget what you have started... Imagine and visualize right now that you are in your dream... you dream about this new reality where you can totally transform yourself to be the person who is able to wake up everyday, anywhere in the world, refresh their stats and see crazy profits first thing as they arise in the morning from a business that they've built from their own hands.

Not just that... But a place where you are able to FINALLY, with FULL CONFIDENCE take control with of the business because you UNDERSTAND in your heart; the mindset that allows you to become unbreakable, the truth of what actually matters and the fundamentals of e-commerce success, the entire business system, structure, customer flow, ads strategy and the Simple EXACT way to consistently make sales and AUTOMATE the entire process at the same time! That way you could choose to work an hour a day if you so desire.


FE -The ONE Ecom - $1997
  • Module 1: "Unbeatable Psychology"
  • - Learning that the Roots creates the Fruits - The invisible creates the visible and therefore the MIND is where you NEED to Begin
  • - The greater majority of the world do not understand this concept and the few who claim they do... don't understand it completely to its entirety. Without understanding these concepts, you will not be able to reach your true potential and success so we make sure you nail it early on
  • - We go through how to become a new person, the mindset shifts you need to make and carry with you to become the most Successful entrepreneur possible
  • - Most people have no idea what these concepts mean, what they are, how they apply, which cause them to absolutely get hammered when they enter the business world
  • - Once you master these mindset shifts and principles, you will find that there is no competition because you'll posses what others only get to dream about.
  • Module 2: "Ecom Mindset"
  • - Now that we've gone through the Mindset you NEED to win and dominate. We then go into what makes an actual long-term successful e-commerce business, the pitfalls and mistakes people tend to fall into and then the FOCUS that people need to have to achieve their most successful results
  • - In this module we focus on the PRINCIPLES of Ecommerce. Understanding these principles, allows you to see this from a bigger perspective and allows to put your efforts in the things that will move the needle the most as opposed to focusing on the things that won't.
  • - If you look at an Iceberg, what you see is the part thats above water, but what we fail to understand is that the part that we don't see which is actually the part that contributes to the majority of the entire iceberg. Our course focuses on building the part that's underwater to make the most magnificent part of the iceberg seen above the water.
  • - In essence, this module looks at why one will win in ecommerce and why another will lose in ecommerce, learning and understanding this difference is the difference between success and failure.
  • Module 3: "Setting Up Your Winning Store"
  • - By now you are more than ready to start building your store. Just understanding the 3 modules above will already help you undoubtedly stand out from the crowd
  • - In this section, we go through a complete Over-The-Shoulder style set up where I walk through building a store that will win for you.
  • - The ONE Ecom system is a 'Money Making Machine' when you set up everything correctly. Everything from pre-purchase, to post-purchase and customer winback and retargeting it's all considered.
  • - We discuss whether a Niche or a General store is better for you? And what is recommended at each stage you're in.
  • - How to select your Brand Name and creating your store logo, favicon and website design without spending a single dollar
  • - Setting up your Entire ecommerce store, the settings and the complete back-end to be ready for launch day!
  • - Then we discuss how you will get paid and setting up your payment gateway options
  • Module 2.1: "Entire Customer Journey"
  • - Before we start building our mega e-commerce store, we need to understand the entire customer's journey and be able to put ourselves into their shoes.
  • - Why do we need to know this? You need to understand your business from inside out, every step of the way so you can be in the drivers seat, in full control and have the full confidence.
  • - Visualization is the key to getting things done RIGHT and outline the entire flow for you. Most people just do things as they react to the environment and circumstance. We NEED to see the big picture before it's complete so that you can understand what you need to have, the things you need in place and what purpose those things are for.
  • - You will be light years ahead of the competition when you understand the flow and the complete BIG PICTURE before its even complete.
  • - "If you don't have a plan, then you plan to fail." - Benjamin Franklin
  • Module 4: "Battle-Tested Apps"
  • - There are specific Apps you need for your ecommerce store which behave as enhacement boosters for your profits and conversions.
  • - We talk about which Apps to download first depending on the stage you are in and which ones can be implemented later.
  • - All Apps chosen are Battle-Tested which means they have proven to work and convert for us and has generated us over hundred of thousands in revenue
  • Module 5: "Facebook & Instagram Set Up"
  • - Let's get all your pages and account set up the right way from the start
  • - Setting up your Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages so you can start running ads!
  • - We go through the set up for your business manager, pixel and fan pages too as well as the Google Analytics account set up
  • Module 6: "Digging For Gold - [Product Research]"
  • - Product is KING in Ecommerce. It's the start of everything. You can literally be profitable on your first day because of the simple fact that you are able to find a hot winning product from the get go
  • - You get my EXACT Winning Product Criteria that has to be matched and it's exactly what I teach my product team to look for
  • - We go through the Product Grade's and how to analyze the products that customer's will literally say "Shut up and take my money!"
  • - Think about it... One winning product has the potential to make over 7 figures so you better understand how to find them which is what this module focuses on
  • - If you can't find winning products, you can't have a successful ecommerce business. PERIOD. You simply just can't sell crap.
  • - Then we go over how to organize your product research process to be able to launch consistently and be able to outsource this step in the future
  • Module 7: "Irresistible Product Page"
  • - Once you've gotten your winning products uploaded into your store, you need to know how to craft a Product Page that SIMPLY sells and converts
  • - A page that literally represents an "Irresistible Offer" in other words customers drooling
  • - I call this "The ONE KA'CHING Product Page" because it follows the proven strategies to get your product page to Convert at the HIGHEST % Rate by addressing all the product's best features and all the potential customer objections all at the same time.
  • Module 8: "Creatives That POP!"
  • - Let's face it. In the social media world that we live in today, ATTENTION is the new currency.
  • - If you create photo or video ads that doesn't POP out or able to capture your audiences attention.. you will have less clicks, higher ad costs and less profits. But it could be very Simple too... that's if you know what you are doing.
  • - We go through the best practices and suggestions for creating Photo Ads and Video Ads for your products, even real life examples
  • - Then I discuss what are the things I look for EXACTLY in a video ad and Why.
  • Module 9: "Facebook Ads Mastery"
  • - This module is HUGE! We go through EVERYTHING related to Facebook (&Instagram) advertising!
  • - About 75% of our sales comes from Facebook/Instagram advertising and we've generated Multiple Millions through this platform.
  • - Did you know theres a specific process of Facebook Ads, different stages require different actions and there's an actual system that we use to manage each product launch and keep track of what stage these products are in? We share to you our exact system which people pay me $10k just to learn it!
  • - And did you know that there's a software, if set up correctly, can literally automate your entire ads process for you and save you thousands of dollars a month? It will also give you the peace of mind and you can rest assure your ads are being monitored even when you are sleeping! We share this complete system with you.
  • - This module is very extensive and detailed so we broke it up into 4 main parts for you to become the best Facebook ads marketer you can be.
  • - 9.1 The Basics - what you need to know before we run ads, the Basics and Foundation
  • - 9.2 The Launch - how to launch your rockets with maximum effectiveness to the right groups of people, the product launching and scaling masterplan and also how to find the MAGIC metrics to scale profitable.
  • - 9.3 Facebook Intelligence - how to utilize Facebook data and get leverage and drive more quality traffic
  • - 9.4 Scaling beyond the moon! - The 4 core main scaling Strategies to implement that can take 1 product up to 6-7 figures
  • Module 10: "Secrets of Successful Launch"
  • - Do you know why some times you see a winning product but it just won't work on your store?
  • - Have you always wondered why the other guy is making the money and when you try to sell the same thing and it doesn't work?
  • - Do you know what to do when a campaign isn't performing well?
  • - This module discusses very advanced level observations that I call the SECRETS! When you get these secrets you'll know what to do when a campaign doesn't perform in your favor, why and how you can take control of the situation.
  • - We go through the "Hierarchy of Importance" which discusses exactly most important to least. Paying attention to this will allow you to focus on the right steps and put the right foot forward.
  • - We also touch on building up a BRAND for what you currently have going on that's working, and I share the exact step I took to do this.
  • - Hint* - Private Labelling with your brand on it!
  • Module 11: "Maximize Your Golden Egg!"
  • - When you have a winning product, an offer that's giving you consistent sales... do you know to maximize your golden egg even further so you can outspend all your other competitors and advertisers?
  • - This is the time to double down on what you have that's working and make it unstoppable so you are able to milk the most out of each advertising dollar.
  • - Implementing these things can add up to over 20% in your current revenue without a doubt.
  • - What if it's going well, do you know to maximize your golden egg even further so you can outspend all your other advertisers?
  • Module 12: "Free Up Your Time [Business Automation]"
  • - This module is something that has COMPLETELY changed my life.
  • - Building up your team the RIGHT way is so powerful and it's what allows you to chill by the beach, travel the world and still make money at the same time
  • - Take for example, last month in May 2018 I went on a vacation in San Diego for 2 weeks traveling and visiting my friends, barely checking my stores, doing less than 30 minutes of work a day, just basically checking up with my team... and we did over a million dollars. That's the power of automation.
  • - You'll actually get to enjoy the FRUITS of owning a business and not be the slave to the business which so many people are stuck in.
  • - Remember you started your entrepreneurial journey so that it would support your life and give you the ultimate freedom... this module will enable you to do that. You can't conquer the world by doing everything yourself, let's face the truth here. You just don't have that much time in a day and energy, the last thing I want you to experience is burn out.
  • Module 13: "Exit Strategy"
  • - Do you know that you can actually Exit the business if you've built it the right way?
  • - If a business works, customers are fulfilled, systems are automated... tell me why wouldn't you be able to? If a business works, it works. Period.
  • - Here we discuss the pillars of a desirable business and how to actually sell it and also how much you can expect to sell your stores for?
  • Module 14: "Google Shopping Ads!"
  • - In this Module we go through the Google Shopping Ads to diversify your traffic sources
  • - We go through what's important in Google Shopping Ads, how to utilize it the maximum efficiency.
  • - We go through How to set up your accounts and your campaigns step by step and how to scale them up
  • BONUS Section!
  • (Worth Over $15,000! But you pay $0!)
  • BONUS 1: You get my proven custom-design THEME, we've spent over 7 figures running traffic, split testing this theme for the best results and highest conversions.
  • BONUS 2: Dealing with Fraud and High Risk Orders
  • BONUS 3: How To Answer Disputes and Chargebacks to be able to have the greatest chance of winning the cases
  • BONUS 4: Email Marketing - how to set up your campaigns and send campaigns
  • BONUS 5: MEGA-CASE Study! - I show you EXACTLY how I scaled 1 product to spend 0$ on the 1st day, to spending over $16,443 dollars on the 4th day of launching, making us almost $50,000 dollars that day.
  • Private FB Mastermind Group for Mentorship and Support
  • ONE Ecom Program: (6 Chapters, 18+ Modules, 150+ Lessons)
  • Lifetime access to the Complete All-New One Ecom Training Program. The only program ever built in the world that takes a "Holistic" view of the entire business scope; incorporating Mindset, Principles and a Success Blueprint that you can follow step-by-step. It's everything you need to go from a newbie starting from zero to generating 6-7 figures with a business thats fully automated! ($6,000 Value)
  • PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA: Exclusive Invite-Only Secret FB Group For Mentorship and On-going Priority Support. ($1,500 Value)
  • FB ADS AUTOMATED FOR YOU! Shortcut your Facebook/Instagram Ads Mastery by years... Your FB Ads Guardian Angel with not only save you money and make you more money, but will protect your TIME. ($1,297 Value)
  • GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS! The secrets of the wealthy is to have multiple streams of income. Diversifying your traffic sources is like that, you get a new stream of traffic and revenue source from customers that have 'buying intent' that are searching for your products. ($997 Value)
  • PRODUCT LAUNCH & SCALING MASTERPLAN SYSTEM! Scaling products 6 figures consistently requires a proven strategy... and doing multiple all at once requires an even better system and execution plan. This system is how I walk 10 dogs at once with 1 leash, or in other words control, manage, scale multiple winning products all together systematically. ($1,297 Value)
  • "FREEDOM" ORGANIZATIONAL CHART! - See the finished vision before you even begin to win the game long term. If you ever wondered how I travel around the world and still have my business making me money on autopilot? Here I breakdown my team structure and how to set up your own team as well! ($500 Value)
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: For The First 30 Fast Action-Takers Only!
  • MEGA CASE STUDY - 0-50k/Day in 4 Days! You see EVERYTHING detailing step-by-step how I took 1 Product from $0 to $16,443 In FB AdSpend within 4 days whilst generating almost $50,000 in that day! Imagine you posses the power to do such thing... wave goodbye to your competitors swimming breaststroke because you are on a speedboat... yes, it is that Powerful! ($ Priceless Value)
  • WORK DIRECTLY WITH MY PRIVATE "TRUSTED" SUPPLIER: To grow and scale your businesses beyond 7 figures, you need to work with strong strategic partners that you can trust that can facilitate and help support your unlimited growth! ($ Priceless Value)
  • You Will Be Getting A Total Value Of Over $15,582.With Today's Special... Scratch the $15,582.Get Access Today For Only $1,997!

The ONE Ecom

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