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Nov 30 2018

Get Keyword Genetics Cracked Free Download

  • Name : Keyword Genetics
  • Version :
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : LSI Research Tools
  • Price : $97
  • Homepage : SalePage

Keyword Genetics has SERP Analayses to build up your keyword theme and LSI keyword discovery from Google to create complete Authority Website Keyword Blueprints.
SEO Methods That Were Once Safe Now Trigger Penalties!
Optimizing Your Content Based On Keywords Will Now Get You Penalized By Google!
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a part of Google’s algorithm that will put words into a matrix for analysis in order to identify semantically related terms.

Google will link related words together by analysing how certain keywords on webpages appear in combination with other related keywords, it will then correlate them to a particular concept or theme.

The example image below shows how the word Chocolate can be semantically related to different themes.

LSI is the reason why Google is smart enough to see that David Beckham plays football; and that Obama is related to politics and the economy.
LSI also allows Google to better decipher webpages to provide more relevant search results with higher quality content - free from keyword stuffing and spam.
And If You Want To Rank On Page 1 For Your Keywords Then Using LSI keywords Is A Must
Finding out what your keyword theme and LSI keywords are is actually quite simple.
But there’s always been a slight problem. There has never really been an easy or time effective way to do this.
That was until we came up with an automated solution.
Mar 30 2018

Get Power LSI Finder 1.0 Cracked Free Download

Power LSI Finder 1.0
  • Name : Power LSI Finder
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : LSI Keyword Tool
  • Price : $200
  • Homepage : SalePage

Power LSI Finder is a desktop application that allows users to enter their niches keywords and Power LSI Finder will scrape Google in the background finding all the websites (up to 500 deep) that rank for that keyword. Once these websites (Google results) have been scraped it will crawl them all extracting their article content. Once its collected all this information it will aggregate all found LSIs from single 1 word LSIs to long tail 4 word LSIs. It not only does this for the content of all these websites it does it for the headers (h1 through to h6), keywords, title and description also. This is an extremely powerful keyword tool.
Apr 05 2016

Get LSI Demon 1.5 Cracked Free Download

LSI Demon 1.5

  • Name : LSI Demon

  • Version :  1.5

  • OS :  Windows

  • Type :  Keyword Research Tools

  • Price : $67

  • Homepage :  SalePage

LSI Demon is a unique new software which is designed to generate keyword lists with a unique approach which will explore highly relevant and profitable keywords in your niche. LSI Demon isn’t just a single feature tool, it’s a combination of many keyword research features in one, designed with full SEO automation in mind. We have made it very intuitive, fully integrated with Keywords Demon & newbie friendly.

LSI Demon will do the hard work by absolutely automating the data collection process on different sources & make a multi-tier keyword hierarchy for your research niche. The software will automatically research DEEP into a niche by digging into the LSI keyword relation between phrases to uncover the best keywords the search engines LOVE. There is NO other keyword research tool that is doing this. This’s a UNIQUE approach to find the most PROFITABLE keywords with zero efforts from the user’s end.

Apr 05 2016

Get Market Spy 1.0 Cracked Free Download

Market Spy 1.0
  • Name : Market Spy
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Keyword Research Tools
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

Market SPY is the final check point to confirm a winner, it will analyze many SEO factors such as onpage, offpage, social signal and backlink pointing to the page, giving you the best & accurate keyword result for maximum profits.

"When a niche passing through LSI Demon to Keywords Demon and finally passed Market SPY, it is not possible to not make money with the keyword."

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