0MMO / Boxxer Email-Phone-Fax Extractor 3.6.2

Boxxer Email-Phone-Fax Extractor 3.6.2

Boxxer Email-Phone-Fax Extractor
Save the extracted data into hard disk as MS Excel or .txt files. Extract & Verify Unlimited Email id's , Phone/Fax Numbers Increased Speed of up to 12000 Emails per Hour due to multithreading using 50 Connections.Absolutely free technical support Free regular updates
A professional software for powerful high speed extraction of email addresses and phone/fax numbers from various sources.
Use Boxxer email extractor to establish and facilitate contacts:
The email extractor is a unique online tool for creating new leads. Your business is always in search of leads, but those leads are hard to come by organically. You must use a tool that will search for leads on your behalf while you manage your business. This online email extractor finds the leads that most closely match the needs of your business.



Boxxer Email-Phone-Fax Extractor 3.6.2

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