Sep 30 2016

Get Proxy Raider Cracked Free Download

Proxy Raider
Next Generation Proxy Scanner and Proxy Scraper

Scanning of class A to C IP ranges for an unlimited amount of ports
Ability to scan each class C of a loaded IP list for additional proxies
Unique randomized IP generator to scan for proxies
Scraping of proxy IP's from websites (proxy lists)
Search Engine Scraping of sites that list proxies (and extraction + verification of IPs in one process)
Heuristic scraping: de-obfuscation of proxy IP+port on websites that use javascript to hide the data
javascript unpacker (sandboxed)
Verification of proxy lists against Google or custom sites
Verification of private proxy lists that require authentication
Ability to use internal proxies for scraping
Proxy type (Anonym/Transparent) and speed analysis
Internal GEO IP database
Multithreads (unlimited)
Pure sockets implementation, no insecure webbrowser controls
Blacklist of IP ranges to avoid (mostly .gov and .mil)
Aug 25 2016

Get Supreme Traffic Bot Cracked Free Download

Generate Real Visits to Any URL

Since Supreme Traffic Bot generates actual visits to your links (you can see them arrive live via the built-in multithreaded browser), the chance of the visit being counted is greatly increased when compared to any other bot or service that’s on the Internet. Our traffic generator bot can run on any Windows PC.

Set Delays to Fit Your Exact Needs

The delays you set will automatically be applied to the generated views, which can be useful if your links require some time to be spent on them before moving on. This option can be particularly useful when generating new video views.

Run Multiple Threads Simultaneously

Even if you choose to run more than one thread at a time (up to 200 concurrent threads are supported!), each thread will be simulated as if you were manually visiting a page from a browser. Hence, each visit will be counted without the need for you to view them one by one (you can even minimize the application window and leave it running in the background).

Use Our Built-In Proxy Checker and Smart Proxy Algorithm

Supreme Traffic Bot’s live proxy checker can quickly and efficiently test each proxy before attempting a visit. For optimum results, you can combine it with our state-of-the-art Smart Proxy Algorithm feature, which will make sure your proxies are applied as effectively as possible without overusing them.

Create Your Own Scripts (No Programming Knowledge Required!)

Automate any simple task using our interactive user-friendly coding interface without having to type a single line of code. You can program the bot to click, change or type anything after visiting a page (even while running multiple threads).
With built-in list manipulation and automatic CAPTCHA solving, the possibilities really are endless!


Just a Couple of Quick Examples:

Click Script & SEO Script

Bitcoin Collector Script

Hotmail Account Creator Script
Just a Few of Our Powerful Built-In Features...

Achieve 0% Bounce Rate

Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and "bounce" (leave the site). STB can prevent that by automatically locating a random internal link on each page and clicking it.
Frequent Visits + Low Bounce Rate = Effective Authority Site

Simulate Any Platform and Browser

You can manipulate the statistics of your visits by changing the default user agent. Select a browser of your choice (either Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Android, iOS and Windows Phone), or even set it to 'Random' or 'Realistic' to mix them up. You can also add new user agents and set the percentages to fit your own needs.

Smart CAPTCHA Recognition

One of the most unique features of Supreme Traffic Bot is the automatic recognition of CAPTCHA images. After decoding them using the chosen CAPTCHA solving service, the bot will automatically locate the appropriate text box and subsequently type the results without any human intervention required at all.

Hide Browser & Speed Up Options

You can save CPU power by entering invisible mode, which completely hides the browser while still maintaining all regular operations. You can also specify the different types of content that the bot should load when visiting pages.

Powerful Script Editor

Our intelligent coding interface allows you to add your own commands and create scripts to automate virtually any task that can be completed in a browser. Our in-depth tutorials will teach you everything you need to know from scratch, in just a few minutes. You will feel like a champ after creating your first script by yourself!
See Supreme Traffic Bot in Action!
Still Not Convinced?

Let Us Sweeten the Deal For You:

If you purchase Supreme Traffic Bot right now,
we will give you free updates for Supreme Traffic Bot for LIFE!
Our professional licensing system will notify you
and download every new update - completely free of charge!
price $70 usd
Aug 09 2016

Get Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook Cracked Free Download

For those who are searching for a way to upload Facebook photos without the hassle of logging to Facebook through your browser, ObviousIdea has a wonderful Facebook Photo Uploader for you to upload Facebook photos as quick and easy than an iPhone or Mobile app.
Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is a software that re-sizes and uploads images to Facebook without having to log in through your browser. Because the photos are re-sized on your computer with the optimized re-sizer, you can upload pictures to Facebook faster than Facebook’s applet. With the WIC Codec for RAW photos format, Facebook Photo Uploader supports many more formats than competitors. The Wic Codec is provided by digital camera manufacturers.

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