6Sec Blaster 1.9
  • Name :6Sec Blaster
  • Version : 1.9
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Social Marketing, Video Marketing, Vine Marketing
  • Price : $37
  • Homepage : SalePage

Best Vine Compilation Maker : Find And Download Vines With 1 Click, Then Generate Your Compilation
Find Viral Vines : With the help of 6Sec Blaster you can search for vines from 4 different sources: twitter, custom link, vine.co based on keyword or search on vine.co popular page. Downloading is done almost instant, and after that, you have various options that will allow you to select only the viral vines. For every vine downloaded you will see the number of likes, Facebook shares and Twitter likes.
Generate Vine Compilations : Once you finished downloading and sorting through the vines, you can start generating your video. Before every vine you can add an intro slide. The intro slide can be displayed for a custom amount of time. This intro slide can contain information about the vine, a cool background and also, if you want, credits to the original author of the vine. The best part is that 6Sec Blaster also generates a description and tags for you, so you can instantly upload the video on YouTube or any other video sharing website.