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The matter of 0mmo isn't to earn money but to offer something different from other sites which the only thing they are thinking is how to earn money.
All the money from memberships are going to new products and not on my wallet.

In backend i have provided so many help and free products to non vip members and to VIP members which doesn't have access to ViP products and i feel good to help.this is the reason i am here.

So far i have found somes sites with memberships with products from 0mmo.
I can track easily who is stealing products from here and to be honest i play with them.
I leave them to steal 1-2 months and then goodbye.
The funny part is that they are using as title and our words like themself, copy us

These sites are offering yearly plan for cheap price to earn fast money or whatever,i feel bad for the people who has paid on these sites because they are losing their money.
Why?Because these sites don't have from where to get new versions fast,since i ban the users they must wait to find new release from any other forums or websites.

But whats the point to pay on these sites if you must wait 1 week or more for 1 update?
What if you need however fast the new release of specific product?
This is what i tested with 7/9 sites.

I paid for a month and i asked for 1 apps last version and yeap still waiting answer to my e-mail.
They ignore my email because they can't provide the plugin with last version,they must find from where to steal the plugin and to share with me.

I asked for this specific app because if they can't provide for popular products fast update then whats the purpose to pay on their site?

I made 1 more stupid question and for new update and support
Because some apps has strange installation i asked:how can i install this app?Can you help me please? (I always support our member about that)
Answer i got from the admin: Unfortunately i cannot help you with this,if you need support you must buy this app from the developers.
I also ask what new apps will release today ? Can they do my request ? they cant answer


Be careful where you spend your money.
To have cheap price for expensive products doesn't worth to be honest,usually websites with cheap prices are fake and stealing products from other sites.
Before buying try to test them with different question or any other way you like.