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Mar 15 2023

Get Business Sender Toolkit 16.0 Cracked Free Download

Business Sender Toolkit 16.0

  • Name : Business Sender Toolkit BY TIGER VIKRAM
  • Version : 16.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Price : $18,68(FE)
  • Type : whatsapp marketing
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is Business Sender Toolkit ?

BUSINESS Sender ToolKit V.16.0 FUTURES Video + Attachment Sender Beta WhatsApp Support Chat List Phone Number Downloader Auto Reply Bot Group Post INBUILT GOOGLE MY BUSINESS EXTRACTOR (Most wanted Future) Auto Group Joiner Unlimited license maker

Feb 09 2023

Get WSTool WhatSender Pro 8.4.5R1 Cracked Free Download

WSTool WhatSender Pro 8.4.5R1

  • Name : WSTool Pro (WhatSender)
  • Version :  8.4.5R1
  • OS :  Windows
  • Type :  WhatsApp marketing Tools
  • Price :   $29 
  • Homepage :  SalePage

About WSTool

A powerful Whatsapp bulk sender utility to send multiple messages from PC that allows you same the same messages to an unlimited amount of contacts

WSTOOL is an “automation” software: it allows you to simulate manual operations made on your PC and to automate them to helps you to perform repetitive actions

WSTool uses ChromeDriver technology to automate operations on the Chrome browser and send messages (one by one) through Whatsapp Web. It adds also useful features to do Whatsapp Marketing and send Whatsapp messages to multiple users. Here are the reasons why you should use WSTOOL to contact all your friends / relatives or potential customers to do Whatsapp marketing at a professional level

Jan 06 2023

Get WinSender Pro 2.1 Cracked Free Download

WinSender Pro 2.1

  • Name :WinSender Pro
  • Version : 2.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Whatsapp Marketing Tools
  • Price : $99
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is WinSender ?

WinSender is the first desktop software that supports the official WhatsApp Cloud API to manage and send messages with your WhatsApp Business Account.

Your contact lists, campaign reports and incoming messages will be saved locally on your computer ensuring total security and privacy.

BULK MESSAGE SENDER & AUTO-RESPONDER WITH OFFICIAL WHATSAPP CLOUD API. Send WhatsApp Messages to all your Customers even if not saved in the Address Book.
WhatsApp Marketing safely with the official WhatsApp Business Cloud API.

Dec 28 2022

Get WhatBot Plus 4.6.0 Cracked Free Download

WhatBot Plus 4.6.0

  • Name : WhatBot Plus (Business WhatsApp Sender)
  • Version :  4.6.0
  • OS :  Windows
  • Type :  Whatsapp Marketing Tools
  • Price :  $39 
  • Homepage :  SalePage

About WhatBot


Create Whatsapp Auto Reply Bot directly from your PC

The Best Whatsapp Sender & Autoresponder Tool.

WHATBOT PLUS is a software designed for those who want to automate the sending of Whatsapp messages directly from their PC in a simple and effective way. It is a BIDIRECTIONAL software because it has 2 main functions:

Send Whatsapp Messages

Automatically reply to users

WhatBot is an ideal software for all those small / medium-sized companies, businesses or freelancers who use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. Thanks to WhatBot you can send newsletter campaigns via Whatsapp and also set up automatic replies. It is also possible to interact with users thanks to commands that once configured allow the customer to obtain various information, receive offers and promotions, and much more.

Dec 27 2022

Get WhatDROID 2.45 Pro Cracked Free Download

WhatDROID 2.45 Pro

  • Name : WhatDROID
  • Version : 2.45 Pro
  • OS :  Windows
  • Type :  Whatsapp Marketing Tools
  • Price :  $99 
  • Homepage :  SalePage

About WhatDROID

WhatDROID is the most Powerful WhatsApp Marketing Solution as it not only allows you to easily reach your audience (clients and prospects), it also establishes a strong connection with your audience, thereby bringing more sales. 

Check out the features below to learn what makes WhatDROID a must-have for every Internet marketer out to get customers.

Aug 22 2022

Get WAbotso 1.0.11 Cracked Free Download

WAbotso 1.0.11

  • Name : WAbotso
  • Version :  1.0.11
  • OS : Windows
  • Price : $153,27(FE)
  • Type : SEO software 
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is WAbotso ?

WAbotso is an automated software designed to send WhatsApp Messages in bulk directly from PC/Laptop in a simple and effective way. Based on latest multi-device beta api, having advanced AI auto bot reply, send Text, Videos, Photos & pdf messages. One of the best WhatApp Marketing Software all over the world.

Aug 09 2022

Get WhatsApp Business Marketing Software 7.0.1 Cracked Free Download

WhatsApp Business Marketing Software 7.0.1

  • Name : WhatsApp Business Marketing Software
  • Version : 7.0.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Price : $15(FE)
  • Type : whatsapp Business
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is WhatsApp Business Marketing Software ?

Bulk WhatsApp Business Marketing Software  provides the best WHATSAPP SENDER & AUTORESPONDER tool. Create WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot directly from your PC.ALL-IN-ONE!!

Aug 08 2022

Get Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software With Catalogue 7.0.1 Cracked Free Download

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software With Catalogue 7.0.1

  • Name : Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software With Catalogue
  • Version : 7.0.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Price : $15(FE)
  • Type : whatsapp marketing
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software With Catalogue ?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software provides various features like Unlimited Messages sending, Multi-multimedia message sending, Numbers Filters, Groups Contacts Grabber, Anti Block Module, Sleep Control, Speed Control, Delay Control, etc.

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