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May 21 2015

Get Keyword Chief Elite 2.4 Cracked Free Download

Keyword Chief Elite 2.4
  • Name : Keyword Chief
  • Version : Elite 2.4
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Keyword Research
  • Price : $67
  • Homepage : SalePage

It's a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSi's etc., and then to write content for your chosen search term that has the perfect number and density of keywords, KeywordChief looks at the top 10 Google SERPS for your search term, compares them to each other, and then tells you the keywords that ALL the top 10 pages are using in their content, PLUS the density of those keywords.
May 21 2015

Get Answereye Ultimate 5.5.1 Cracked Free Download

Answereye Ultimate 5.5.1
  • Name : Answereye Ultimate
  • Version : Unlimited Yahoo Accounts Version 5.5.1
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Yahoo Marketing Tools
  • Price : $399
  • Homepage : SalePage

Answereye Ultimate - The Best Yahoo!Answers Marketing Software!
"New Bleeding Edge Yahoo Software
Makes $958.88 a Day ...
On Autopilot Using Nothing But
Floods Of Laser Targeted FREE Traffic"
PLUS [Revealed Ahead]:
Why Almost Every Internet Marketer Fails To Make Money Online !
How to copy my "No-Brainer , Iron-clad" 3 Step Formula To make a consistent
4-figure monthly income on Autopilot using Yahoo Answers And so much more...
May 21 2015

Get Duplicate Sniper Pro 2.0.3 Cracked Free Download

Duplicate Sniper Pro 2.0.3
  • Name : Duplicate Sniper
  • Version : Pro 2.0.3
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Content Marketing Tools, Plagiarism Checker Tools
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

Make sure you have no duplicate content on your site.
No-one wants duplicate content on their site, Google hates it! DuplicateSniper tells you if the content is safe or duplicate for publishing to your site, or it will check to see if someone is stealing your site content. You just need paste your content or input your url into the software, then click one button.
May 21 2015

Get Craigslist Reverse Pro 2.7 Cracked Free Download

Craigslist Reverse Pro 2.7
  • Name : Craigslist Reverse
  • Version : Pro 2.7
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Craigslist Marketing Bot
  • Price : $97
  • Homepage : SalePage

Harvest Unlimited Targeted Emails from Craigslist to Reverse Marketing
"CraigslistReverse is a smart online Ad Marketing Tool that allow you to Harvest tons of targeted emails according to your selection on Craigslist.com . CraigslistReverse is also the cheapest software in all similar softwares with more functions and excellent support. "
May 21 2015

Get URL Shorten Bot Pro 2.2 Cracked Free Download

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URL Shorten Bot Pro 2.2
  • Name : URL Shorten Bot
  • Version : Pro 2.2
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Short URL Bot
  • Price : $59
  • Homepage : SalePage

Make your one url to hundreds of different urls in minutes
If you are an internet marketer, you must know How Important it is to make your every url unique when you send bulk emails, post answers on Yahoo!Answers, promote your offer on twitter/facebook, etc. For much better inbox rate and avoid accounts got banned, you must use different url in different emails, answers and tweets.
But, create hundreds of different urls is a hard work and need much money.
This my private secret software - URL Shorten Bot is for this purpose,
It can change your one url to hundreds of different urls in few minutes,
Then you can export these urls for using in your emais, answers, posts, tweets....etc.
May 21 2015

Get GmailMaster 4.0 Cracked Free Download

GmailMaster 4.0
  • Name : GmailMaster
  • Version : 4.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Gmail Marketing Bot
  • Price : $147
  • Homepage : SalePage

Create Bulky Gmail Accounts 100% automatically, Send mass emails very easily , Extract emails from your gmail list by one click , Set your old gmail account, Change your gmail accounts password , unlock your locked gmail accounts and so on…
Become the Master of Gmail with this Powerful Tool
"The GmailMaster is finally here.
Create Bulky Gmail Accounts 100% automatically, Send mass emails very easily , Extract emails from your gmail list by one click , Set your old gmail account, Change your gmail accounts password , unlock your locked gmail accounts and so on ..."
We have noticed that there is a big need of email accounts for marketers to promote their online bussiness and there is also a big need to send mass emails to explode your sales... Now , GmailMaster can help yout deal with all this kinds of things
May 21 2015

Get Gmail Inferno Pro 17.7 Cracked Free Download

Gmail Inferno Pro 17.7
  • Name : Gmail Inferno
  • Version : Pro 17.7
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Gmail Marketing Bot
  • Price : $699
  • Homepage : SalePage

Gmail Inferno is a fantastic Multi-Threaded Bulk Emailer,it solves all of your problems, using state-of -art programming techniques to give you that cutting edge, and it’s so simple to use – it’s child’s play!




Earnings from Gmail Inferno sends made on 6 consecutive days - you can do THIS TOO
We thought that the time was right to introduce a new level of email sending, and this is it - Gmail Inferno. Bulk emailing will never be the same again!
There are user input variables for: number of recipients, 'to' field or 'bcc' field, number of emails to send with one gmail account, waiting time between sends, number of threads and timeout
In addition, Gmail Inferno uses (secret :-) ) Gmail web login which keeps you anonymous and helps tremendously to achieve inbox.
There is a fantastic new feature - 'cloak url' which cleverly uses html to obfuscate urls in your email message. There is also a 'loop' function. When enabled, and when your email send has completed, if there are any outstanding emails not sent, Gmail Inferno will revert back to the beginning of the send queue and continue in this way until 100% of the queue is sent. Awesome!
May 21 2015

Get Content Hurricane 3.8 Cracked Free Download

Content Hurricane 3.8
  • Name : Content Hurricane
  • Version : 3.8
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Content Creator
  • Price : $127
  • Homepage : SalePage

Content Hurricane uses totally unique and original processes to create new content.There is no software on the planet like Content Hurricane- no more dodgy synonyms and unreadable articles.
100% unique,100% readable,100% of the time!
We all know about the search engine duplicate content penalty, if your blog or website has content that exists elsewhere on the internet, your search engine rankings are likely to suffer. This is such a major problem among the Internet Marketing community,
As Seen On
that an entire sub-industry of content-spinning software and article re-writing services has evolved over the last few years. This means the hard working internet marketer (that means YOU!) is permanently occupied with sourcing unique content in order to preserve those all-important search engine rankings.
Get My Website
How would you like to take an article - any article you like, it could be a PLR article, one that you have written yourself, or one that is simply copied from the billions of website pages on the net - and then click a button, and produce a 100% original, 100% readable article in its place? How about taking that article and producing as many copies as you want - totally unlimited - all 100% unique, and 100% readable?

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