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Nov 27 2016

Get Wiki Whisperer 2.1 Cracked Free Download

Wiki Whisperer 2.1

  • Name : Wiki Whisperer
  • Version : 2.1 Enterprise
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Wiki Submission
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

Wiki Whisperer is a tool that I classify as an advanced video marketing tool even though itís simple to run and understand and has nothing directly to do with videos. In short what it does for us is find ultra powerful backlinks Opportunities. Google loves Wikipedia and if you have direct backlinks from Wikipedia and Google automatically trust and treats you as an authority so itís for true insiders in video marketing. What the software does for us is gives us domains that have direct links from Wikipedia pages where the domain has expired and can be picked up for the cost of a regular domain.


If you donít really understand the value of Wikipedia backlinks do a Google search on it. Youíll see that people offer it as a service will charge you from sixty to a hundred dollars per backlink and with the wiki whisper software youíre able to get those backlinks for less than ten dollars plus because you own the domain. Youíre able to basically multi-purpose those domain level backlinks on a much larger scale than those services are providing a much higher costs so weíre able to quickly achieve our goals from a video ranking perspective when youíre wanting to rank for a massively hard keyword instead of buying a couple of fiber gigs to get a massive number of garbage backlinks that only helped a little bit spend that ten dollars on a domain and use a single link that provides more power and authority that tens of thousands of those silly little profile backlinks that everyone else is using sort of like having the power of a massive PBN, except at a fraction of the cost and with a lot more instant authority and trust from Google.

Video markers need every edge we can get. The software gives us that edgeó get the software and join the ranks of elite video marketer around the world. Together will rule the video marketing landscape. All right nowó letís walk through the software together so that you can see and understand the process. Wiki whisper is not only powerful itís also good fun to play with I constantly find cool little surprises.

So, letís walk through everything and Iíll get you up to speed. Your campaign name is your own personal identifier. It allows you to easily pull up results from previous campaign as all of your campaigns are saved into a folder in your documents directory called wiki whisper. Your settings tab this is where your personal settings are entered. The software will not run until all of the fields in the settings are populated with your personal information: your name, your email your MOZ credentials and your license is all thatís needed. Just click the Save button you have two types of search options keywords and metrics. Most beginning level marketers will stick to the keyword version because the software will find available backlinks there in some way related to your keywords. Just enter your keyword into the keyword section and run it. Using the keyword search will always return fewer results than the metrics searched, Iím using the metrics option will get you a broader level of results. This is something more advanced users are going to be more comfortable with since we know that when it comes to wiki backlink it is truly the page authority of the wiki page that is the true driving force for the results that weíre after. When using the metrics option you do not need to enter any keywords. That option doesnít use keywords at all. As for your domain and page Authority settings, the higher you set any of these numbers, the lower number of results will be retrieved. It is great if you want to be laser targeted on one specific thing, since it does all of the filtering for you on the fly. The downside of filtering is that you can very easily filter out some amazing finds that you have not even thought of before. Personally, I donít use the little sliders at all. I donít drink at all online. Iíll leave them all set to a minimum, so it returns the absolute most results. Which of course means Iím presented with a lot more choices. I canít tell you how many times, I have run across amazing metric sets that I would have never thought of but were amazingly powerful. One other noteó thereís a lot going on behind the scenes in the software and itís using multi-threading extensively because of the multi threading the activity area just canít keep up. So it might look like at some points the software stuck, but it isnít just leave it alone and let it keep running as long as thereís a little blue wave the image thatís going on here the software is doing what itís supposed to do. So Iíll say this again just to be clear, if you think the software is stuck, it isnít just leave it alone let it do its thing. Now as far as where itís saving it Iím going to go ahead and open up one that Iíve done before so as you see the software has given me the domain name itís given me the stats. Itís given me everything that I need in order to make a decision on whether or not I want to buy that domain and use it as a back link. As far as any other settings that this requires thatís all fully covered in the in the official tutorial that youíll get after youíve made your purchase.
Wiki Whisperer 2.1

Wiki Whisperer 2.1

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14 December 2016 20:37 GB Lover

not working

need license, MOZ id and MOZ secret key



15 December 2016 14:49 Administrators

sandipsns, ok i will check it again



20 December 2016 23:59 Basic Pro


This program is requesting license, id and secret key MOZ MOZ



25 September 2017 05:47 Pro Members

What is happening with the License Needed and all that jazz Whsiky??



26 September 2017 21:28 Administrators

Originator7, type anything bro ? or try wikirobot ?

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